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Design and Branding

Projects: Projects

Pass The Shish

A small branding project for a mobile hookah service. Pass the Shish is a fun and flirty brand. Woman owned and liscenced, Pass The Shish has tobacco and non tobacco flavors on offer. This mobile hookah service was a blast to work with. Morgan Illustrates's original illustrated logo embodies the heart of the brand.


As part of her journey to self love, Morgan Illustrates creates a lovely image of a curly haired mermaid enjoying a bath. She writes: "Ever wonder why some hair curls when wet?", an inquiry that inspires the viewer to draw whimsical conclusions. This illustration, intended for bath time fun, is meant to inspire love and adoration for black hair.


Where Fashion and Eye Care Meet

In this amazing opportunity, I create social media posts, illustrated company wide announcements, and promotional materials. 

Projects: Projects

While working for the Chicago, family owned, Big City Optical as an optician, Morgan Illustrates was personally requested by the company's founder and CEO to design and illustrate announcements, social media posts, and promotional materials.

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