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Constellation Brands


Corona: La Vida Mas Fina

While shadowing the Constellations brand teams, I had the pleasure of working on the Corona and Modelo accounts by assisting in developing and executing marketing campaigns by brainstorming ideas, creating visual content, and conducting market research. My background in illustration proved an asset here as well when I was asked to generate and illustrate some ideas of cardboard standees I'd like to see for Corona's various retail installations for upcoming summer seasons..


Modelo and More...

Upshot - being a full service creative agency - made my time there fast paced but incredibly valuable. 

I garnered first hand experience in marketing strategy, production, art direction, and design with well established brands. I even managed to hand model for P&G's Head and Shoulders! Please enjoy these mood boards I created to get a feel for the look and vibe of each Constellations brand!

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