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Royal Oils

During my internship at BLAC, I collaborated with a team to create an advertising campaign for P&G's Royals Oils.


The Ask: To enhance brand recognition, establish a genuine connection with the intended audience, and broaden their market share in the black hair care industry.

Business Challenge:

Royal Oils sales, volume, and productivity are down from a year ago.

Communication Challenge:

Royal Oils has not yet found the right message to reach its intended audience: Black consumers.


Black consumers are two times more likely to experience dry scalp issues, but only half as likely to use an anti dandruff product.

Strategy Overview:

Establishing a connection necessitates brand transparency and a deep understanding of cultural nuance and values.

Brand recognition and connection for Black hair care products starts in Black spaces.

With a target audience of upper middle class, Black millennials, we sought to take cues from other established and at once black owned brands like Mielle and Shea Moisture to shape Royal Oils presence, tone, and reputation in the black hair care category.

Insight 1

Black Americans appreciate brands that allow us to tell our own stories, offer experiences, and foster spaces that reflect those of the

Black community.

Insight 2

Black consumers prefer to see positive representation of themselves in media. (69% are more likely to purchase from these advertisements)

Insight 3

Black people are actively seeking out Black-owned or Black-made alternatives to major brands, motivated by the goal of increasing Black wealth.

The Results

Good Things Come in Threes

We proposed a campaign consisting of 3 components.

This Is What Science Looks Like - TV Spot

A tv ad establishing key connections between science and hair care.

GRWM Stemfest - Social Media Activation

A promoted hashtag and hair care Influencer collaboration featuring the use of Royal Oils Products

Stemfest - Physical Activation

A stem themed showcase and networking event sponsored by P&G for Black people in stem professions

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AI Generated image for ideation purposes only

TV Spot

Scope: We imagined this ad spot to feature a black person, visibly suffering from dandruff, shopping in the (ethnic) hair care aisle. They are then handed a bottle of Royal Oils Shampoo by a Black scientist in a white lab coat.  

Key Objectives
  • Illuminate the problem of dry scalp effecting the Black community
  • Position Royal Oils as a knowledgeable authority in this area 
  • Foster a positive association between Black individuals and the field of science.

 Social Media Activation

Scope: STEM professionals, enthusiasts, and students are challenged to show their hair care process using Royal Oils products as they prepare for STEMfest. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.)

Key Objectives
  • Generate conversations about dry scalp
  • Promote Royal Oils as a resolution
  • Promote hair care as a science
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stem convention.jpg

AI Generated image for ideation purposes only


Scope: This physical activation presented by Royal Oils, helps to further the conversation on "what science looks like" while introducing Royal Oils to its target demographic

Key Objectives
  • Further educate audience about dry scalp as an issue 
  • Introduce Royal Oils as a product formulated by the same experts behind Head and Shoulders with Black hair in mind
  • Establish a positive relationship with the Black community through an opportunity for education and career advancement​

Lessons and Finding

Understanding the beliefs and values of a target audience is crucial in determining how a product fits into a conversation.

Integrating social media content with tv ads and live events reinforce campaign messages.

Collaborations with influencers who resonated with the brand’s target demographic leads to increased brand awareness and credibility.

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